Linguistics RoadShowbags Swag!

Our showbags are bursting at the seams with language-y goodies! Along with your Linguistics Roadshow booklet and quizzes, you’ll be getting a whole bunch of swag…


Practice your fingerspelling with the Auslan chart, and learn about the linguistic diversity of our state with the Victorian language  fridge magnet! With our word badges, you can show your lexical allegiances – are you on ‪#‎teampotatocake‬ or‪#‎teampotatoscallop‬?!thumb_PB103667_1024

Fold up the Linguistics Chatterbox to test your family and friends, and see if you can assemble our paper larynx – careful, it’s fiddly…


A final bonus challenge – can you figure out which words our mystery spectrograms show…?

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