Who are we?

We are Katie, Rosey and Jill- the linguists behind the Linguistic Roadshow! We met as early career researchers at the University of Melbourne.

Katie Jepson

Katie has an interest in languages’ sound systems, and is particularly fascinated by the melody and rhythm of spoken language. At the moment Katie is investigating the sounds of a language spoken in Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory, though also has a passion for languages spoken throughout the Pacific.

Rosey Billington

Rosey does research in phonetics, which focuses on working out the finer details of speech sounds like vowels, consonants and tones in different languages. Rosey has previously worked on Australian English, and at the moment is particularly interested in the sounds of Nilotic languages from East Africa.

Jill Vaughan

Jill is a sociolinguist – she researches how we as individuals make linguistic choices to say something about who we are and the kinds of groups that we belong to. Jill is especially interested in multilingualism, and currently does research in Arnhem Land in Northern Australia, one of the most multilingual regions in the world.