The Linguistics Roadshow in Broome!

Last week the Linguistics Roadshow flew up and over to Broome, Western Australia, taking with us a bunch of dazzling facts about language and some of the exciting things we get up to as linguists to share with the Broome locals.


Thanks to Maya for sending us this nice photo!

Our first stop was Mabu Yawuru Ngan-ga, the Yawuru language centre in Broome, where we chatted with Maya, Mick, Coco and Clare about the incredible work they’ve been doing, and their exciting plans for the future. Uncle Mick also gave us an introduction to the verbal morphology of Yawuru!

It was really great to hear how they are being flooded with requests to run Yawuru language classes at the schools in Broome, spurring them to develop an immersion language program to train more language teachers.

Here’s a news story from Behind the News if you’d like to see more about Yawuru and their language in schools and around Broome and the work of Mabu Yawuru Ngan-ga. And check out the Yawuru facebook page, too!