All About Language

Below you can find collections of useful links, information and classroom resources on all sorts of language and linguistics topics. The focus in on the Australian context, but also on Australia’s place in the language diversity that can be found around the world. This is just the start – we are adding more and more along the way!


Languages of the World

There are estimated to be over 7000 languages spoken in the world today.  Our region is rich with diversity. Australia has hundreds of indigenous languages, Papua New Guinea, Australia’s northern neighbour, is home to over 850 languages and Vanuatu, another 105. To get an idea of how many languages are spoken around the world, take … Continue reading Languages of the World

Indigenous Languages

Did you know that at the time of colonisation in the late 18th century Australia was home to over 700 Indigenous languages and dialects? This map will give you an idea of where many of these languages are located: Nowadays around 150 of these languages are still spoken, with only 15-18 still being learned as first languages … Continue reading Indigenous Languages

Englishes in Australia

English spoken in Australia is usually referred to as ‘Australian English’, a broad term which encompasses the various types of English spoken by people across the country. Australian English is a unique dialect which evolved from a mixture of sources from the late 18th century onwards, and today the language has characteristic linguistic features which set … Continue reading Englishes in Australia

Listen to something languagey

Below is a selection of language and linguistic related things to listen to. We’ll be adding to this  If you know of a great radio program, podcast or podcast episode let us know! PlayerFM has a list of great linguistics podcasts. Lingthusiasm is a podcast where you can listen in on enthusiastic conversations between Lauren … Continue reading Listen to something languagey