Listen to something languagey

Below is a selection of language and linguistic related things to listen to. We’ll be adding to this  If you know of a great radio program, podcast or podcast episode let us know!

PlayerFM has a list of great linguistics podcasts.

Lingthusiasm is a podcast where you can listen in on enthusiastic conversations between Lauren Gawne and Gretchen McCulloch about all kinds of linguistics related topics.

Every week, Word Up from ABC RN’s Awaye! program shares words from one of the many diverse languages from around Australia.

The Allusionist is a podcast about language and etymology – the origin of words, their meanings, and how they change over time.

Talk The Talk is a radio show about linguistics on RTRFM in Perth every Tuesday 11am-12pm.

Lingua Franca was broadcast on ABC Radio National up until 2013. You can listen to and look at transcripts for past programs here.

That’s What They Say offers speedy snapshots into some changes in (American) English. It’s worth a listen for Australian English speakers, too!

Learn about the history of the Rosetta Stone on BBC’s A History of the World in 100 Objects.

CrowdScience from the BBC have a fantastic episode on accents.

99% Invisible have a great episode on the Voder (“Voice Operating Demonstrator”) and Vocoder (“voice encoder”), and the early days of synthesised speech.

The Hidden Brain has an episode on slang, and the evolution of language.

Radiolab episodes on translation and living in a world without words.

This American Life have an episode on language and translation and what is lost along the way.

Watch: For short snippets about language and linguistics, have a look at Tom’s Language Files. From language acquisition to Old English, there is something to appeal to anyone interested in language.

Watch: The Ling Space has some great videos about language and linguistics.