• Thanks for having us, Ararat College!

    The Roadies have hit the road and made first stop for 2015 – Ararat College! We had a great time visiting the Year 10s, and we even learnt something new: looks like when it comes to the word for ‘the object that might you might drink water from in a park or school’, bubble tap is a… Read more

  • Linguistics RoadShowbags Swag!

    Our showbags are bursting at the seams with language-y goodies! Along with your Linguistics Roadshow booklet and quizzes, you’ll be getting a whole bunch of swag… Practice your fingerspelling with the Auslan chart, and learn about the linguistic diversity of our state with the Victorian language  fridge magnet! With our word badges, you can show your lexical… Read more

  • Roadshow ready to hit the road!

    Our RoadShowbags are bursting at the seams and packed in the Linguistics Limo 🚌, and we’re ready to hit the road! First stop is Ararat College on Tuesday, with Murtoa College and Dimboola Memorial Secondary College later in the week. Our route: vroom vroom! We’ll be talking about global linguistic diversity, language in our own region,… Read more

  • New resources page – Englishes in Australia

    We’re gradually adding to our resource pages, with collections of links, information and classroom materials on all sorts of language and linguistics topics. The focus in on the Australian context, but also on Australia’s place in the language diversity that can be found around the world. The resource page Englishes in Australia has just been added… Read more

  • The Linguistics Roadshow is coming soon!

    How many languages are there in the world? Why are languages different from each other? How do children learn languages? The puzzles are being printed, the showbags are being filled, and our vocal tracts are being warmed up – get your ears ready, because the Linguistics Roadshow is hitting the road! The Linguistics Roadshow will begin… Read more